I have had the pleasure to work with various graphic designer’s and design firms illustrating the stamps pictured here.


2009–2011Roadside Attractions Series/I was commissioned to paint 12 oil paintings of large distinct attractions from each province across Canada. 

1999– Communications Technology/Sir Sandford Fleming and Guglielmo Marconi

1999– The Millennium Collection/ featuring famous Nova Scotian singer Portia White and Sir Alexander Graham Bell

1999– NATO/the stamp illustrates the flags of member states flowing as a unified body from the NATO flag. 

2000– Tall Ships/from barques and brigantines to the two, three and four masted schooners in Halifax Harbour under glorious full sail.

2004– Pioneers of Transatlantic Mail Service/ Sir Samuel Cunard and Sir Hugh Allan introduced transatlantic mail service via their ocean-going steam vessels.