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Branding NovaHope

Hope Gillis of NovaHope came into my office by chance.

She was struggling with a designer in Toronto to nd the right look for her new company and

felt her vision was getting lost and misinterpreted.

We started from the very beginning and went in a completely new direction.

The graphic symbol I created for Hope’s branding may be interpreted individually– for example,

as a nova, triquetera, or the tree of life and so on–while representing in each case the

professionalism and a sense of comfort that Hope was seeking.

Moving forward with the branding, I designed a business card, rack card, letterhead and supplied

the web designer with the graphic elements and specic fonts for Hopes website which can be

viewed here:

“Bonnie is one in a million. Truly a gifted designer.” – Hope Gillis

lHope for web-01.png
Business Card
Rack Card
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