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Postage Stamp, Coin Design

Postage Stamp Illustration

I have had the pleasure to work with various graphic designers illustrating stamps for Canada Post. A few of the stamps are pictured here.

Canada Post Stamp designs by Ross Graphic

2009–2011 Roadside Attractions Series

I was commissioned to paint 12 oil paintings of large distinct attractions from each province across Canada. 

1999–Communications Technology

Sir Sandford Fleming and Guglielmo Marconi

1999–The Millennium Collection

featuring famous Nova Scotian singer Portia White and Sir Alexander Graham Bell


the stamp illustrates the flags of member states flowing as a unified body from the NATO flag. 

2000–Tall Ships

from barques and brigantines to the two, three and four masted schooners in Halifax Harbour under glorious full sail.

2004–Pioneers of Transatlantic Mail Service

Sir Samuel Cunard and Sir Hugh Allan introduced transatlantic mail service via their ocean-going steam vessels.

Coin Design/ Royal Canadian Mint

From 2001 to present day I have designed over 36 collector and circulation coins for the Royal Canadian Mint. Here are some of my favourite minted designs. All images on this page are copyrighted by The Royal Canadian Mint.

Collector coin and circulation coin design for the Royal Canadian Mint, by Ross Graphic

2001– The Nova Scotia Mayflower

2002– Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival

2005– 120th Anniversary of Standard Time

2007– The Brigantine, Tall Ship Series

2007– 140th Anniversary of the Dominion of Canada

2010– The Canadian Naval Centennial

2010– Vancouver Olympics, / Three Man Bobsleigh / Woman’s Biathlon / Go for the Gold

2012– The RCMP and Queen Elizabeth II

2012– Bicentennial of the War of 1812, HMS Shannon / Tecumseh / The Battle of Lundy's Lane

2013– 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition

2014– 100th Anniversary of the Declaration

of the First World War

2015– 50th Anniversary of Canadian Flag 

2016– The Canadian Home Front:

Patrol Against U-boats

2016– Butterfly with Agate Wings

2016– Canada's ICY Arctic

Two of my coin designs were launched in Halifax by The Royal Canadian Mint.

2007 - The Brigantine, Tall Ship Series

2012 - Bicentennial of the War of 1812, HMS Shannon $2 Circulation Coin 

Illustration of the HMS Shannon leaving Halifax Harbour for the $10 Fine Silver Coin.

Photo of Bonnie Ross and crew on the Brigantine Tall Ship with commemorative coin design
Photo of Bonnie Ross with Coin design for Bicentennial of the War of 1812
Illustration of HMS Shannon leaving Halifax, NS.jpg
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