You can be the most creative person on the planet but if you don't have patience, dedication and a good sense of humor, I guess you would not get testimonials like the ones below.

"I love working with Bonnie because she is such a pro. She not only has the talent, but also the organizational skills to balance her jobs and meet everyone's deadlines. You're not afraid to talk about money, which makes for no unpleasant surprises later on. I also like how she doesn't just slavishly follow directions and will bring her own ideas to the table.In other words, she THINKS about the project and applies her considerable skills to the client's advantage.”

Margo Grant Design,Halifax, NS


I've worked with Bonnie on numerous occasions and have always be delighted not only with the end product, but with her versatility while developing the concept imagery. The end results are always stunning and have done great justice in adorning our Canadian postage stamps."

Danielle Trottier, Manager, Design and Production Stamp Services, Canada Post, Ottawa, ONT


"For our last stamp design project, Trampoline had the budget to look across the country for an illustrator.We found both the talent and commitment to excellence we were looking for right here in Halifax. Thanks Bonnie."

Dennis Page, Principal Director of Design, Trampoline Creative Inc., Halifax, NS


"Bonnie, that is outstanding! Don't change a thing."

Brenda Goodlad, Brenda Goodlad Esthetics




"I have had the pleasure of working with Bonnie on quite a few projects.In addition to Bonnie's finely tuned artistic talent,which speaks for itself visually, her ability to help solve complex design issues is second to none. She is quite adept at turning around design changes quickly, which in our business where timing is key, is an extremely valuable skill.”

Jennifer M. Holmes, Product Manager, Numismatics, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, ONT


“Working with Bonnie is a delightful experience. Not only is she a very talented artist, but her passion for excellence carries through everything that she does. Bonnie cares about her work and she cares about her clients. It doesn’t matter if she is designing a coin for the Royal Canadian Mint, or designing a business card. The same amount of dedication goes into both. And the results are precisely what you were hoping to achieve. Wendalynn Jones, Summerhouse


"Bonnie is a main stay provider for our design firm. Over a number of years and a number of diverse projects, Bonnie exponentially elevates the quality of our work with hers. Her ability to quickly understand a design brief results in timely delivery of the work. We often require a particular style of illustration and Bonnie is effortlessly able to realize it."

Fraser Ross, MGDC, Co-principal, Semaphor Design Company Inc., Halifax, NS

“Bonnie Ross is brilliant and fun to work with. She’s a skilled and creative graphic designer, typographer, and artist, and she puts all those skills to work for her clients. She’s also a talented translator — she asked insightful questions to get to the heart of my vague ideas and then translated them into a polished logo and business stationery that I’m proud to use.” 

Rachel Cooper, Writer-Editor, In Other Words, Canning, NS


"Always a joy to work with Bonnie. I can give her a vague idea of what I am looking for and she always comes back with great illustrations and/or suggestions. Professional without the stuffiness."

Margaret Issenman, Graphic Designer, Halifax, NS


"Bonnie is such a pleasure to work with. She's creative, versatile and always meets her deadlines.I have been working with her since 1981.”

Karen Brown, MGDC, K Brown Design, Halifax, NS


'Why does an agency based in the heart of Ontario go all the way to Musquodoboit Harbour for illustration? Because Bonnie is good... darn good! We consider her a vital member of our virtual team.”

James Joyce, President Tamarack Creek Communications, Ottawa, ONT


Bonnie, You're the BEST. Looks great. Thanks so much for everything. You've helped me out in more ways than you know.

Matt Manuel, Fluent Frameworks